This package will give you styled-components supporting CCSS out-of-the-box.


npm install ccss @you-eye/styled styled-components


Import the component.

import Ui from '@you-eye/styled'


<Ui d="f" />

Tag helper

<Ui.section d="f" />

For some special cases you can attach Ui's functionality to manually created components.

display: block;

Exported modules#

  • Ui (default): prepared component(s) for direct use; normally you only need to this.
  • ccss: the CCSS instance used by the default Ui and ccssd exports.
  • styled: original, untouched styled-components for cases when needed (the package re-exports all styled-components modules).
  • All exports from '@cryptic-css/core' are being re-exported.

React Native#

Use imports as @cryptic-css/styled/native

The platform is supported through Styled Components. The Ui tag on its own will render View.

You can use Ui.Text and all the other React Native components the same way as the HTML version.

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